Fjell Event Tipis

commercial landscapes

​I've worked for Pete and Sharon Garner for several years photographing their lovely guest house and self catering property in Keswick. Pete called me in spring to tell me about their exciting new venture, Fjell Event Tipis, and I thought it sounded really exciting. The tipis can be combined to make huge spaces for weddings and events.

The Keswick mountain festival had hired a double tipi to house their bar, as it was going to be sited on the shore of Derwent Water it was the ideal setup to grab a striking promotional image so Pete commissioned me to spend the day photographing and filming it in use.

The day arrived with grey skies and frequent showers so to get the striking shot we needed I decided we would have to wait until evening. Once the light dropped to be slightly darker than the light inside the tipis the warm glow came spilling out and the grey skies turned a nice gentle blue to contrast against the orange light from the doorway. To add to the effect we added small flares around the edge of the structure.

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