Twizy Flock

commissions documentary

​​Cumbria Tourism wanted to commission a short film to promote an electric car hire scheme in the Lake District. Originally they were interested in an interview led film giving information about the project but I had an idea for something a little more fun that would work better on social media.

The Renault Twizy cars are wrapped as sheep so I thought it would be good fun to have them being reared in the mountains by a hill shepherd and then released off to their new homes, which are the local hotels and attractions that serve as hire locations for the scheme.

It was a technically difficult shoot as we had 10 cars and drivers, several locations, 6 crew, and 4 different camera types to deal with. Working as director of photography and producer/director made for a very busy day! Matching the cameras in post was a challenge but shooting in log formats made it possible.

The film has been a great success and a second version has been edited as an advert to be shown in cinemas around the area.

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