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​Over the last few years I've attended the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas 3 times. It's an amazing place to learn new skills, network and of course party!

The Post/Production World programme allows delegates to choose various masterclasses in subjects including, lighting, sound, business, interview technique, colour grading and editing. I've attended dozens of session but the ones I have learnt most from have been those run by Jem Schofield of The C47.

This summer he is running his Film Makers Intensive course in the Scottish Borders and I'm really excited to be helping him. To get a 10% discount just mention this page when booking.

Here's a run down....

The 2014 Filmmaker's Intensive (TFMI), is a one week program that was designed for a select number of people (up to 20), who want to learn the craft of lighting & shooting for documentary, corporate & narrative filmmaking. 

TFMI is an immersive environment. Students learn and work together. It is truly a unique learning experience which will prepare you for shooting in the real world & your further education in this field.

This year we have chosen the Scottish Borders as the location for the course. Probably one of the most beautiful and ideal environments for learning the craft of video production & filmmaking.

Additionally, this particular intensive is focused on learning to effectively approach different types of production. It is not designed to be a 48 film contest or a documentary filmmaking exercise where the final result is an edited piece to screen to other students. This particular intensive is focused on craft and helping you get better at lighting and shooting in different scenarios (documentary, corporate & narrative).

We understand that the program requires a commitment in terms of time, energy and finances to be a part of The Filmmaker's Intensive. As a result, we have worked hard to make this unique program as rewarding and financially feasible as possible. We have instructors and students coming from all over the world and have designed the program to be as immersive as possible. It's not a program for the faint of heart. Come prepared to learn & then do! Focus will be on learining for application. No tests here. Just getting your hands dirty and getting better at your craft.

We only have 20 spots for this year's program and that's it. Applying, being accepted and registering early will ensure your spot in the program. We also only run The Filmmaker's Intensive every two years so the next program won't take place until the summer of 2016.

Please visit to find out more and apply for the program.

Location: All Scotland ,England, Wales, Northern Ireland, International

For further information, please contact (Jem Schofield), or call 201-621-1141, or visit

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