Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe


​In November 2012 I set out to film a group of school kids from inner-city Manchester getting their 1st experience of the great outdoors as part of their Duke of Edinbugh award. Many of them had never been out of the city before, and the prospect of navigating through and camping in the rugged moutons of the Lake District was pretty overwhelming for most.

Working with Sam Sykes Ltd., a fantastic local firm who deliver DofE  expeditions for schools, I followed them over three weekends, it was fantastic to see their skills and confidence grow, the sense of achievement they all felt when they finished was amazing.

To tie the story together I went back to the school 6 months later and interviewed the teachers and pupils. I was so pleased with the amazing performances of all of them, I shot 6 students and 2 teachers in around 1.5 hours including a light and sound setup. 

To tell the other side, I shot Sam and his staff in their offices, it was quite a challenging space to work in but I managed to get 3 separate setups and they all gave great interviews.

I'm a great believer in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, my grandfather used to run it in the 50s and I did all three levels at school. It's so important to give young people a taste of adventure and responsibility, especially those in who wouldn't have any other exposure to wilderness areas. I hope this film may help to highlight the huge benefits of the scheme to young people and persuade more schools to run the award.

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