​Winner of Best Mountain Culture Film at Kendal Mountain Festival 2012, Capetown will tour in The Best Of Kendal.

Made with local climber, fell runner and cyclist Rin Colombi, this 10-minute film is a moving insight into Hound Trailing through the eyes of Yvonne Wilson, trainer of her young pup called Capetown (Yvonne calls her Bess) that takes an unexpected, heart-wrenching twist. 

Hound Trailing is a traditional Cumbrian non-blood sport that requires the same level of training, passion and dedication as any other elite Lake District pursuit. Hounds are trained to run unaccompanied over fields and fells, for up to 10 miles, following a scented trail to the finishing line. The dogs are as fit as any athlete and love every minute of the race, howling, barking and wagging their tails throughout to meet their owners and bucket of food at the end.

We have loved our journey through the making of this film since late 2011 and are indebted to so many people of the Hound Trailing community for their time and energy.

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