Bike Mad

commissions documentary

​This one was a bit of a challenge, a promo for the Bike Mad indoor mountain bike park project, produced with Tom Urry and Morph Studio with me being director of photography, editor and colourist.

The tricky thing was that the park wasn't built, so with a series of empty and dark warehouses and few obstacles built from recycled wood by the project creator, the talented Gareth 'Stan' Healey, we managed to build some sequences with bikers Joe and Zac.

We only had power for 2 red heads and a smoke machine off the generator, which was a bit of a challenge as the buildings had no power or light.

The end shot was a masterpiece of drone flying by Jago Miller coming from inside the warehouse to a very breezy exterior lift. I was driving the camera on the gimbal so didn't see how much the Inspire was moving around.

I love the animation work Morph have done on the logo and I hope it helps get the amazing project up and running in the near future.

It will be in a different location within the area and will be a great facility for Cumbria.

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