72 Hours in the lakes


After producing marketing photography for Windermere Marina Village over many years I was really excited to be asked to come up with an idea for promotional film to show off their excellent self-catering accommodation. 

I teamed up with PR supremo, Ellis Butcher, to come up with an engaging story that we could use to show off the marina without doing the usual dull walk around. Ellis came up with the idea of following a couple during their stay and then, fuelled by gallons of coffee, we figured out a way to put a twist in the story. A walker finds a camera, he looks through the pictures on it which show the couple's weekend and where they are staying, he then takes it back to them. Now almost delirious from the caffeine overdose I decided we could shoot all the couples story like a flip book using thousands of stills. Not quite realising the amount of post production work required we settled on the idea and took it to Tracii Monet, marketing manager at WMV.

She went for it and planning began. We shot it with our models Rachel and Ian in real time over 2 days and ended up with 6565 still images to edit down.

We found a great piece of music from local musician Pete Lashley which he very kindly allowed us to use. This really was the polish on the project and added to the emotion.

It's wonderful when a client allows us to go a bit out there and produce something really different, the client ended up with a film that substantially increased bookings and has a big hit across social media with 20,000 views on youtube alone.

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